No one said that when you grow up, you must buy a house, and it really does not matter what the market is doing. You buy for two reasons only: One, you can afford it and two, it works as a home for you- meaning it fulfills your housing needs. You can ask every Realtor at every open house whether now is a good time to buy – short answer…we don’t know. We don’t know your finances, we don’t know your long term plans and really, it’s not any of our business. Your reasons should be your own.

There’s plenty of data that shows buying a home is a good long term investment. Who cares? That doesn’t matter either. There are plenty of people who are happy being renters.

Like I said, your reasons should be your own. Here’s a generic chart of why people buy. Because…visuals. Feel free to reach out and let’s figure out if you’re ready for your own abode.

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Top 5 Reasons_Blog_Par Hanji Real Estate