A human being can fall in love with just about anything.

I remember the first time I saw San Francisco, it was love at first sight; City captivated me immediately, and although that was several years ago, it stills feel like yesterday.

I often ask myself why I fell so desperately in love with this magnificent City, and my answer may surprise you.

I grew up in New Delhi, a huge, hustling, bustling urban metropolis, on the other side of two vast oceans; itself a diverse city, a melting pot of cultures, full of hustle and bustle, people crowding the sidewalks, so much life.

When I first arrived in San Francisco, I had the same sense and I felt like I had found home.

Of course, I am not the only one whose been having this same love affair, I asked some of my friends, some of my real estate clients, and some random strangers that I bumped into who had the same look of love in their eyes, I asked them why they fell in love with San Francisco?

Many of their answers had a common thread… gorgeous outdoors, parks, hiking trails, deep blue Pacific Ocean, magnificent mountains, such incredible natural beauty. Others remarked on the rich diversity of the culture, friendly atmosphere, beautiful weather, and incredible food.


Mia Dand of Lighthouse3 said that she could not get enough of Farmers Market at the Ferry Building, and loves it when the bridge is nestled in the fog. Another San Francisco lover, Lisa Kang of Serenity Med Spa said “I went to DC for medical school and coming back as my plane was flying over the Golden Gate bridge, I knew I was home (this just made me say, wow). Ladan Mozafar made me laugh by saying “It’s all about the food. It starts and ends with great restaurants”.

Rodney Fong – a native – loves that his City remains authentic. His father, Ron, said that of all the wonderful things about San Francisco that for him it was “Neighborhoods and that the ebb and flow of curious areas of the city are an attraction that cannot be defined.” And I have to agree with Ron, every neighborhood has its’ own heartbeat. In Outer Sunset, you’ll find surfers never without their wet suits dragging their boards in & out of Ocean beach. Middle class families with strong ties to the neighborhood have been there for generations.

Fillmore street, part of Western Addition, has two faces – north side of upper Fillmore near Pacific Heights has trendy boutiques and high end restaurants. South of Fillmore, there is incredible jazz history. It was in the clubs here that such greats as Billie Holliday, John Coltrane, and Duke Ellington made names for themselves and the area. I could go on and on filling page after page about each neighborhood…

It is so incredible to me that so much beauty, diversity, scenery, architecture is all packed into only 49 miles. That is how small SF is. To capture as much spirit of this place as I can, I recently started a Facebook page – Faces of Places of San Francisco

Check out everyone that I’ve talked to so far, and keep an eye on my page – I’m always running into interesting souls.

And lastly, send me a reply and tell me, what is it that you love most about San Francisco?