Some things are just too good to last. And sadly that seems to be the case for La Victoria, the historic Mexican bakery and kitchen on the corner of 24th street. As of last week the building that houses La Victoria is up for sale with a listed price of $3.4 million. The listing described the property as “Ideal for mixed use rental or condominium redevelopment,” which seems to imply that La Victoria is a target for demolition.

The 67 year old panaderia was one of the first businesses to cater to what was then a growing Mexican-American and Latino population in an Irish-Italian neighborhood. Since 1963, fans of alfajores, wedding cookies, and savory empanadas have enjoyed the delights of La Victoria. As founder Gabriel Maldonado told Inside Scoop, “We’re not a caricature of Mexico. We really are Mexicans. So we wanted it to be an authentic Mexican place that looks like it belongs in what is the new Mexico that exists now.” 

While this bakery’s days are numbered, there is at least some comfort in the thought that Maldonado’s legacy will live on.