6038 California St, Unit 1

6038 California St, Unit 1 is a beautiful, light-filled two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo on a wide and charming street in the Lake District. From the moment you step through the door, you’ll be taken with the rich hardwood floors that trace an open floor plan through to the living area graced by large windows overlooking a verdant backyard. With a glass of wine in your hand, this will be your respite after a long day’s work. A remodeled kitchen and bathroom give this classic condo a contemporary boost, offering a modern feel without sacrificing San Francisco style. There is a plethora of nearby restaurants and boutiques when you feel like a stroll, but it also comes with deeded parking so you can put the car to use for longer journeys without worrying about that typical commuter challenge. This condo feels like a breath of fresh air, with wonderful natural light, great flow, green outlooks, and easy access to a common garden in the back.

The surrounding Lake District includes the neighborhoods of Sea Cliff and Lake Street, and is a near-universally loved locale. Principally residential, it’s safe, walkable, and absolutely stunning: broad, open streets offer plenty of space for pleasant neighborhood walk, large homes look out to ocean views, and the variety of nature trails are perfect for picnics and dog-friendly field trips. As a bonus, the expansive Presidio is just next door with a golf course, yacht club, and beaches. This area boasts an eclectic mix of single-family homes and condos with a high percentage of Edwardians and Victorians; many of the inhabitants are longtime residents. People living here enjoy an easy commute into the city either by public transportation, car, or bike. Some of the local favorites are Angelina’s, Pearl’s, Little Sushi Bar, and Firehouse Pizzeria—don’t be surprised to see the same faces over and over in the neighborhood and quickly make friends. This is a quiet and upscale suburban retreat by the ocean, a truly serene slice of San Francisco.

6038 California Street, San Francisco, CA, USA