Here is the latest on construction around the City with all the data we have thus far on the buildings.

As you drive (or more accurately, sit in traffic) through San Francisco, it is hard to miss construction cranes all over the City.  The new-housing landscape in San Francisco is in constant flux: new projects, developer plan changes, city plan changes, and shifts in economic and political realities. Very generally speaking, there are now about 65,000 housing units, of all kinds – in various states of filing, review, permitting and construction – in the pipeline, though a few huge projects that may take decades to complete constitute about 30,000 of those. What ultimately underpins new housing construction is demand.  The basic fact is that the city, after its recent 2008-2012 new-construction slump, is now in the midst of a huge building boom. However, it should be noted that booms can slow dramatically or even come to a screeching halt if economic circumstances significantly change.

The process of application and review, public hearings (and sometimes ballot proposals), revisions, entitlement, permitting, construction, inspection and completion is complex and lengthy. Here’s a very brief flowchart of new construction, which can change by city departments at any given time.


A detailed 12-page report on SF construction costs – according to the report, we have the second highest costs in the world after New York – was released earlier this year by the Terner Center at UC Berkeley: Terner Center Report

Here’s a list of current projects – again, status of projects can change at any time by developer plan or city plan changes:

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Park Tower at Transbay 250 Howard


181 Fremont Building


Moscone Center Expansion


160 Folsom Building


New Uber HQ Building


Chase Center


Graduate Student & Trainee Housing Minnesota Street


Crane Cover Park