“This dame is a savvy, inventive & humorous house tiger who graciously fights for the needs of her clients in a way that other realtors clearly jive with.”…who me?? 🙂

Just another reason to be motivated today. I love this awesome testimonial from my client, Katie. I helped Katie and Suzie buy their home and could not have asked for better clients. We had quite a few laughs going through the house while they agreed and sometimes disagreed on what to do with each room. They both really wanted a great backyard and did such an amazing job that their neighbors now want to redo their own yards! Check out this pic of Katie and Suzie’s yard. After their neighbors saw what the girls did, THEY swung into action on their own yard! Neighborhood Backyard Competition…I think this could be an HGTV series!

Thinking of buying or selling soon? Let’s go have a drink and talk. I’d love to add YOU to my reasons I stay a motivated agent.

See Katie’s full testimonial here