12 December

Happy Hanukkah

In the winter of 1975 a Hanukkah miracle happened. That’s when San Francisco Jewish community leaders joined together to create the first big public Manorah outside of Isreal. The stadium sized mahogany menorah was built with the support of rock promoter and Holocaust survivor Bill Graham. It’s known as the “Mama” Menorah because it inspired thousands of similar outdoor Hanukkah displays around the world. Today that spark has spread to over 500 cities including Berlin, Paris, Buenos Aires, Brisbane and Ho Chi Minh City.

The first lighting ceremony happens tonight (Dec. 12) at 5pm in Union Square. Come celebrate the festival of lights and see this “mama” for yourselves!



An Indian girl who can’t really cook that well and decided not to have children. My poor mother. All hail the chefs of San Francisco because I’m always planning my next meal. I won’t follow you from room to room at open houses to point out the obvious… because you know the difference between a bathroom and a bedroom. I will find you a cool house you want and make the deal happen because I love a good fight.