Welcome to the wild world of selling in San Francisco! My goal is your goal: to sell your property quickly for the highest possible price, which I know we can achieve together.

I’m a Stanford-trained negotiator with a dedicated marketing director, so know that with me, you will never
have to settle. Plus, this is going to be fun.

Let’s sell your property.

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There are two things that sell a home: marketing and price.

But first things first. Let’s meet to discuss your goals, and create an optimal marketing plan that works for you. I want to hear what you love most about your home. We’ll discuss how we can enhance those features, and I will make any improvement recommendations based on our local market.

Armed with our tailored plan of action, here’s what we do next.

Renovations and Project Management

Here it is, someone to manage the entire process. My team and I handle it all for you. As the only brokerage to offer our exclusive Compass Concierge service, we will front the entire cost of home improvements like staging, painting, deep cleaning, landscaping, and decluttering. These costs are repaid when you close on the sale of your home. This means that you don’t have to worry about budgeting upfront, and we can efficiently market your home to its full potential. This is my full service to you without any additional costs.

Marketing Your Home

Hollywood releases a trailer for a blockbuster movie, Tesla got thousands of people to sign up for their car 2 years prior to the release. Why not create similar excitement and anticipation for your home? We will pre-market your home on Top Agent Network, Compass Coming Soon; while TAN reaches the top producing agents, Coming Soon allows me to pre-market your home directly to consumers on Compass.com to build further anticipation. We will also use both print, social, and digital marketing to reach our expansive networks. By the time your home is on the MLS and we have open houses, well-qualified and eager buyers will be at your door.

My Arsenal

Each home is different and requires a crafted marketing plan, I invested in hiring my own Marketing Director to provide you just that. Analise Smith-Hinkley specializes in copywriting, brand identity, and strategic marketing. A UC Berkeley alumna, she has spent a decade in Bay Area marketing and PR in industries from Higher Ed to e-commerce. We’ll create and leverage killer copy, beautiful graphics, and compelling call-to-action in all of our advertising, networking, and promotional events to showcase your home.

Unparalleled Negotiations

Can you walk away from an offer that is unacceptable to you? Because I can. I’m a Stanford-trained negotiator who maintains a calm and unyielding front, so that you get what you want. I learned a long time ago that you don’t know what’ll get until you ask, and I’m not afraid to ask for anything. One of my clients got an extra $125,000 because I countered all seven offers that came in at market value, confident that market value does not always constitute a ceiling. I guarantee you no one commission check will make or break my career, so don’t ever worry about me pushing you into accepting an offer as a seller. In fact, I stand by this statement strongly enough to add it to our listing agreement.

I know the market, I understand people, and I have a smart marketing team with me. This process is about you, and getting the outcome you want, your way.


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The Home Selling Process

My listings spend fewer days on market than the industry average: a swifter sale means a more seamless seller experience and greater value for you.


Evaluate comparable homes
Analyze market trends
Competitively price
Recommend lawyer
Discuss closing costs


Marketing strategy
Listing preparation
(staging, floorplan, photography)
Inspections and surveys
Client questionnaires


MLS & syndication


Print & digital advertising
Print collateral
Targeted mailers
Email campaigns
Social campaigns


Broker events
Open houses
Lead follow-up
Gather prospective buyer feedback


Client progress reports
Listing statistics
Price assessment


Contingency removal




Sales report

Meet My Team

Patrick Carlisle

Chief Market Analyst
Patrick is a real estate statistics and analytics genius who knows the market better than anyone. With decades in the business as first an agent and now our Chief Market Analyst, Patrick is always on hand with a statistic or graph for anything. His thoughtful approach and data savvy translates into real estate success for our team.

Michele Dell'Isola

Transaction Coordinator
Michele has been in real estate for the past 26 years. Beginning her career in real estate as an office manager where she began training agents on the business and programs. In 2000, she received her license and started working as a real estate agent. Michele was a founding member of Paragon, joining the company in 2002. After 12 years out in the field Michele decided to transition back into an “office role” and is now one of the transaction coordinators at Compass.

Sophia Lee

Listing Coordinator

Anita Head

Managing Broker – Special Projects
A co-founding partner of Paragon Real Estate Group, Anita is now the Managing Broker for Special Projects at Compass, as of Paragon’s acquirement in July 2018. Anita is responsible for creating an environment of success for experienced agents, new agents and rising stars. Her business planning, coaching and problem-solving expertise developed over 25 years in real estate enable agents to maximize their performance as advocates for Paragon clients.

Sally Stull

Managing Broker
A co-founding partner of Paragon Real Estate Group, Sally become a Managing Broker with Compass after Paragon was acquired in July 2018. Sally is known for motivating people and making things happen. Her personable management style has attracted quality real estate agents and her years of experience as a top producer have built her reputation as the “go-to” person in San Francisco real estate. Sally has an MBA, a strong background in banking and an impressive track record of property development. She offers agents support in all facets of their business, whether directly or tenaciously coordinating resources to suit any need. 

Closing Costs for Sellers

Closing costs usually run in the range of 6% to 7% of the sales price, not including loan pay-off and any significant home preparation, staging or repair costs. Typically, the largest seller costs are brokerage commissions and transfer

The list below details how closing costs are typically split in San Francisco County.

Did You Recently Purchase A Property?

Escrow prorates taxes, but the actual taxes may not have been paid and you are responsible for any unpaid taxes at escrow closing. Read your escrow papers to determine if any portion of annual taxes were paid by the previous owner prior
to closing. The Tax Collector will not send a bill for the remainder of the year in which you acquired the property unless requested. If any taxes remain unpaid, call the Tax Collector and request a bill; have the Assessor’s Identification
Number before calling.

If you have any questions regarding anything pertinent to property taxes, you should contact the local Assessor’s Office. An excellent first step is to visit their website.

Real Estate Transfer Taxes in San Francisco

Transfer tax is a transaction fee imposed on the transfer of land or real property from one person (or entity) to another. The transfer tax rate is variable, depending on the purchase price OR the fair market value, as shown in the chart below (per SF Assessor’s website 3/2017).

In San Francisco, transfer taxes upon change of ownership are typically paid by the Seller, though it can be otherwise agreed to in the purchase contract.

If entire value or consideration is X, then the Tax rate for entire value or consideration is Y:

  • More than $100 but less than or equal to $250,000: $2.50 for each $500 or portion thereof
  • More than $250,000 but less than $1,000,000: $3.40 for each $500 or portion thereof
  • $1,000,000 or more but less than $5,000,000: $3.75 for each $500 or portion thereof
  • $5,000,000 or more but less than $10,000,000: $11.25 for each $500 or portion thereof
  • $10,000,000 or more but less than $25,000,000: $13.75 for each $500 or portion thereof
  • $25,000,000 or more: $15.00 for each $500 or portion thereof

Additionally, leaseholds with a term of 35 years or more are subject to transfer tax. The authority to collect transfer taxes and list of documentary transfer tax exemptions are codified in Article 12C of the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code.

Exemptions will only be made if the recording party falls under one of the documentary transfer tax exemptions. If a transfer tax exemption is claimed, written documentation proving the exemption must be submitted at the time of recording, otherwise transfer taxes are due. Written documentation includes, but is not limited to, copies of trust and formation documents of legal entity (i.e. LLC operating agreement, Corporate By Laws/Minutes/Register, partnership agreement.)

A Transfer Tax Affidavit must accompany all documents submitted for recordation in which transfer tax is due, or an exemption is claimed.

Between a married couple? No
Between domestic partners? No
Gifts? No
Inheritance? No
Add or remove co-signer or co-owner for refinancing purposes? Yes
Between parent(s) and child(ren)? Yes
Individual(s) to/from his/her own trust? No
Individual(s) to his/her own Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership or
Corporation? No
Check out the San Francisco Assessor’s Office FAQ Sheets »

My Promise to You

Selling your home is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one—I’m a full-service realtor:

  • I will consistently make you feel like you’re my priority, because you are! You’re a busy person, and I’m happy to work around your schedule and communication preferences so that I am always available for you when you need.
  • As a seasoned and avid negotiator, I do not believe in settling and I promise to extend that dedication to selling your home under conditions that feel good to you.
  • I will handle all house preparation logistics from start to finish, making sure we position your house to appeal to the maximum number of ideal buyers.
  • I will watch the market daily and intently, reporting all relevant data about your neighborhood, comparable properties, and external factors that may affect buyers and sellers.
  • My personal Marketing Director and I will ensure that your home stands out in advertising, digital communications, and at in-person events, and we’ll deliver analytics to you every few days so that you’re confident our tactics are effective.
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