20 November

Creepy is the New Cute

Gift giving season begins. In a city known for it’s quirkiness, San Francisco has unique boutiques including some of the most eccentric. Enter Paxton Gate; the coolest (and most random) curio shop in SF; originally off a little alley on Market Street, they quickly needed bigger space for their collection. Now you can find them on Valencia street in the Mission District. From costumed taxidermy mice (who WOULDN’T want this?!), vintage & antiques items, jewelry, books, and home décor, there’s a treasure trove here. In 2008, they added gifts for children. Handmade toys, puzzles, music instruments, science kits …they have it all. To top if off, they also offer design services for your home.

This December is their 25 year anniversary. What began as a small gardening shop grew into an emporium of “treasures and oddities inspired by the garden and natural sciences.” Head over there – you have to check out their garden – and get your picky ones something cool that they won’t regift anytime soon!
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An Indian girl who can’t really cook that well and decided not to have children. My poor mother. All hail the chefs of San Francisco because I’m always planning my next meal. I won’t follow you from room to room at open houses to point out the obvious… because you know the difference between a bathroom and a bedroom. I will find you a cool house you want and make the deal happen because I love a good fight.