Happy Thursday! It’s time for #ThursdayGoods -yay! POTENTIAL SELLERS, this is for you. This week I’m showing you the “Top 20 Overbids“…. and the winner is (drum roll please) 27 Cutler Avenue – a fixer upper- that sold for $880,000! The asking price was $569,000. That’s 54% OVER asking! Now $880,000 does not sound like a lot considering some of our crazy sales recently. But this is what I find interesting: 27 Cutler is in Outer Parkside. Do you know where that is? Yeah most people don’t. It’s past Outer Sunset, on the western edge of the city, near SF Zoo and Ocean Beach. Just a few years ago, popular opinion was that “Outer” anything was way too far and many questioned, “is that even considered SF?” But hey, even cabs wouldn’t go out there and boy did they ever learn their lesson. My point here is single family homes are golden because San Francisco doesn’t build anymore single family homes, so buyers are willing to pay a premium. If you’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time for you to sell-let’s chat!

Curious to know what Zillow says YOUR house is worth? See for yourself. I’d love to know if the number is accurate (we all know it won’t be). Email me, I’m happy to tell you how real the Zestimate is.